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Fic-writer, pessimist romantic, optimist cynic all in one. Hah. I'm twenty years old, and I live somewhere...heh. I write fan fiction and BAND fiction.

Is there a difference? Yep. Fan fiction is writing for something I am a FAN of. IE: Harry Potter and stuff like that...got it? Band fiction is exactly what it sounds like....fiction about a band that I like. Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, a few others, and Hanson. Yeah, I'm a Hanson fan, and I'm one of the ones who was a fan way back when.

Hee! I had the pleasure of going to SEE Hanson on October 11th, at Amos' southend. That was absolutely fantastic, omgyesyayyyy. And it reconfirmed my Zac Hanson Crush. Hah.

I'm somewhere in that crowd! Woo! (and yes, our crowd DID screw up the verses and resing and...yeah. Hahahaha, awesome. *snorts*)


Total stupid geeky neopets that I was dared to create, yet I love to bits. (they're cute, sue me...uh..please don't. Really.)